The first open Precious Metal backed CryptoCurrency that merges every single Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium coins/bars under one CryptoCurrency.


Last Hope for a Precious Metal Currency that will be free from control



Cryptocurrencies since their inception have created a revolution in the way we value a currency, they have shown that they provide more of a function of money than governmental issued currencies. This new system is creating a brand-new world, one where “we” are decentralizing the control used by governments, corporations and banks.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for precious metals. Once providing all the function of money, they continue to be centralized and controlled by the same powers that have become powerless against Cryptocurrencies.

Let’s face it the current system of dealing with precious metals works perfectly against precious metal coins/bars as owning and selling them in physical form forces us to deal with so many time constraints, restrictions, borders and costs. These factors make it impossible to find a real value in all precious metals throughout the world.

Advocates of precious metals (real money) believe that once people lost faith in printed notes that precious metals would be the only viable option in which to base a currency on again.

We at Airgead Coin can provide a real future for precious metals once again, not only as a medium of exchange but as a universal precious metal currency that can be used throughout the world. We can do this in the form of a decentralized precious metal CryptoCoin where Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium coins/bars will form the basis of one CryptoCoin.

  We at Airgead Coin won’t wait for that time, we will no longer stand back.



What Is Money?


When we look at money we need to look at what the functions of money are.

What we are told is that Governmental controlled currency is money and as such we should trust in it. However, if it does not perform these functions of money does it have the right to be called money?

Functions of money:


  •     To purchase goods and services.
  •     A barterable tool to value and store labour.
  •     Tool of accounting for measure.
  •     Tool of barter for trade.
  •     Tool for savings for future use.
  •     Store of value for fair payment of labour. 

Legalized Government money, while it performs some of the functions of money, it has long since lost any natural money-making ability for saving or as a store of value. In fact, all governmental controlled currencies share the same problems; they are used in our day to day lives but as a store of value, or for future use, they have no function of value. The only rise in value now provided by governmental money is the rise in value they provide by purchasing goods and services - it now requires these assets to always rise just to see a rise in the value of your value and savings.

On the other side, precious metals performed all these functions when they were used as money. Silver and Gold and other precious metals have and continue to keep their value and are the perfect store of wealth as they are rare, difficult to mine and have a high cost to extract and process.  Precious metals most prized function is that they have always provided the function of holding their value over any currency. What held value 10, 20 and 100 years ago with gold still holds the same value today. While precious metals have lost some of the functions of money, we at Airgead Coin can bring all the functions of money back again using the exact same government controlled currency to enable precious metals to be used to perform all the functions of money again.



Why we haven't been able to use Precious Metals as a Currency?


With all the currency fluctuations, record low levels of interest and record levels of money printing, it is no wonder why Cryptocurrencies have become a phenomenon. With their decentralized control from governmental, corporate and banking control they have shown the value we place on assets that have become free from control and costs.

Up until now it was believed that the true value of precious metals could only be realized by backing a governmental controlled currency with one. The only problem with this is that no single governmental controlled currency would ever do this as it would undermine the whole printing money scheme. If a government did back a currency with precious metals this would lead to a system that was fair and would give worth and value back to currency again. So, what would be the advantages of doing that?! We are in a system that rewards debt above wealth - we only need to look at the value of money in our accounts, with record low interest on debt and record low interest on savings, which is better to have now?

At Airgead Coin we are not restrained by fear or control. We are not afraid to provide you with a solution to end this whole corrupt system.

To bring back precious metals as money again we are required to do a number of things:

  • Cut all old costs, controls and restrictions.
  • Provide a way to value all precious metal coins/bars in real-time.

Airgead Coin does all of this and more.


How We Can Use Precious Metals Money (Airgead Coin) Once Again


Owning precious metals should be hugely rewarding, they are considered a safe haven that provides a store of wealth and savings for future use. While precious metals perform these functions of money, they hold no real value in the real world apart from selling them in exchange for governmental controlled money.

To return all the functions of real money (precious metals), we must first set the foundation in which precious metal will become decentralized and free from all old controls and costs and allow them to find their true value and one where everyone throughout the world can begin to understand the only true wealth is in real money.


This Is The Day That Will Change Everything For Precious Metals.


While we cannot control how precious metals are priced in the market, we can change everything else:

  • From the way you purchase and sell precious metals coins/bars.
  • The archaic costs and restrictions placed on precious metals when buying and selling.
  • The way they are valued and priced.
  • As a medium of exchange for goods, services and assets.
  • Their value and use as a function of money.
  • The problem with precious metals, up until now, is that no one site or exchange could provide a real-time price to purchase and sell precious metals coins/bars as each country has its own barriers, controls, taxes and costs which has made it impossible to value them in a single market.
  • At Airgead Coin we use our own worldwide precious metal Exchange, one that prices and trades all precious metal coins/bars in real-time creating a value determined by buyers and sellers free from controls and costs.
  • By decentralizing all precious metals under Airgead Coin and providing real-time prices with our Exchange the value of precious metal coins/bars will no longer be determined by the old ways of buying and selling, it will be determined by the worldwide freedom of movements of all precious metal coins/bars.
  • With Airgead Coin and our Exchange in place, precious metals will become a useful form of money as the value for each precious metals will be in real-time in our exchange, this provides an instant value that can be used to trade against the value of any existing goods, services or an assets.



Airgead Coin Simplified:


We at Airgead Coin are developing the first open CryptoCurrency where encrypted information can be merged with our revolutionary algorithm, the encrypted information will allow a single Airgead Coin to store any information on it. In our case a single Airgead Coin can hold a single oz of silver, 1 oz of gold or any amount of silver or gold within a single Airgead Coin.

We recognize that each Precious Metal coin has a value in of itself. A 1964 kennedy half dollar has a different value than a 1oz Panda silver coin. These Coins has wide differences in value throughout the world.

We provide a system where each and every person shares in the same value throughout the world and are free to purchase and use as much precious metals as much as possible. Just like any Cryotocurrency where it's value is in real time, we provide this for precious metals for the first time.


A Beginning:


  • We will start this new generation of CryptoCoin with an asset that was once considered real money - precious metals coins/bars.
  • This new generation of open CryptoCoins will be named Airgead Coin, the store of value all precious metal coins/bars. The information within each of our Airgead Coins will enable each coin to represent ownership over any and all precious metal coins/bars that is merged with it.
  • By allowing all precious metals to merge within one CryptoCoin can we break free of all the costs and controls that have afflicted precious metal coins/bars for so long and open them up to a new world.



How Your Airgead Journey Begins……


  • Initially, precious metal backed Airgead Coins can only be purchased and traded through our Exchange, this will ensure that the precious metals are in place and accounted for before they are merged with the first chain of Airgead Coin.
  • We will not profit from the precious metals coins/bars we purchase, we sell them on our Exchange for the same price that we purchase them for.  Once these decentralized precious metal coins/bars are sold they can begin to find their real value on our worldwide Exchange.
  • The only fee applicable to you will be the cost to purchase and sell these Airgead Coins within our worldwide Exchange.  For the first time only a single cost will be shared by everyone throughout the world.
  • How your Airgead journey continues will be provided in our Future and Innovations page which you can read.



How Will Airgead Coin Start


  • Silver and gold coins/bars will be the first precious metals to merge with Airgead Coin. Once these metals are purchased by Airgead Coin they will be stored in reputable private storage sites throughout the world.
  • As a proof of concept the following coins/bars will be linked (merged) will each represent a single Airgead Coin:





1 Gram


1/10 oz


1/4 oz

½ oz

½ oz

1 oz

1 oz

10 oz


1 kg



Each weight above will be represented by one Airgead Coin, how you wish to purchase and trade your Airgead Coin will be determined by what your Airgead Coin holds. Obviously an Airgead Coin that is merged to a half an oz of silver will have a value that can be used in your daily life. An Airgead Coin merged with 1 oz of Gold will have a greater value that can be used to purchase more expensive goods or services.

This is only the beginning of what will be, or can be, merged with Airgead Coin. In time we will include Platinum and Palladium coins/bars and then we will expand to all generic coins/bars and from there semi numismatic coins and true numismatic coins/bars. Every coin/bar that was ever produced can be merged with an Airgead coin.

The power of decentralization has shown us that it doesn't matter what the price of something is, it's real value is placed on the basis that the only real value


How You Can Check An Airgead Coin?


We at Airgead Coin provide a truly unique open CryptoCurrency, one that allows you to link/merge any precious metal coins/bars all under one name, one coin. A single CryptoCoin like this not only allows it to perform all the functions of a CryptoCoin but also expand it's function to allow each CryptoCoin to be valued individually while still trading under one coin.

Our CryptoCoin (Airgead Coin) comes in two parts:

The first part of the Airgead Coin will be like any other CryptoCoin, providing the owner a key and providing the holder with ownership over the coin.

  • Through our own decentralized technology, the owner has direct control via their private key, which is directly linked to the precious metal coin/bar. The owner can transfer the asset whenever desired, and to anyone, within our Exchange or privately(you do not require to sell through our exchange to purchase goods and services).
  • Our Blockchain is a public ledger that provides information of all the participants and all digital transactions that have ever been executed.
  • Our Blockchain network automatically checks and updates itself using new systems and technology which enables real-time values and provides instant transactions without the old timing issues and checks.
  • Minting unlike other CryptoCoins, where the data and coins are mined, we control the Airgead Coins issued. We generate the code, which is heavily secured, and issue the Airgead Coin to the owner. Your Airgead Coin is encrypted and fully controlled by the owner of the coin.

The Second Part of our code tells you, others and our Exchange, what precious metal coin/bar is merged to your Airgead Coin. This enables you to show what your Airgead Coin is merged to without ever revealing the key (which provides ownership over the Airgead Coin).

By being able to see your Airgead Coin's details and information you can use this to price each and every precious metal coin/bar in real-time within our Exchange, without manipulation, costs and barriers – not only changing how we value precious metals  but also freeing them from the constraints and controls of a single priced market.

Our exchange provides real-time prices for your Precious Metals, you can use this to have an instant value to purchase goods and services throughout the world.


Who Owns The Precious Metals


While your precious metals are merged within Airgead Coin, the full rights and ownership over the precious metals coins/bars is within the Airgead Coin itself. We will never own or dilute your Precious Metals. All we do is free Precious Metals from all the old costs and controls that people throughout the world share.

We provide an open system where at all times the Airgead Coin holder can redeem their Airgead Coin for the physical precious metals that it is merged with.


 Costs to Hold your Precious Metals:


If we are to once again use precious metals as real money and a medium of exchange, we won't stop at decentralizing all of the old controls and costs when purchasing and selling precious metals but: also the costs attributed to precious metal holders while they store and hold their metals inside storage facilities.

We will not charge any fees that will ever lead to the dilution of the value of your precious metals like so many storage facilities, ETF's and other services do. In fact everyone that tells you to store your precious metals have only ever profited from you in one way or another. The only true way to use Precious metals again is for the value precious metals to hold it's value. What 1 oz of gold held within an Airgead Coin will hold the exact same 1 oz of gold in 1 years or 2 years and so on. The whole idea of inflation within Airgead Coin will become non-existent leading to a more trusting currency that will not only hold its value but increase it's value over time.



The following fees will be charged while precious metals are stored within Airgead Coin:



0% Storage Fees

0% Insurance Fees

0% Management Fees



We will never charge any fees while precious metal coins/bars are merged with Airgead Coin. We also provide a system where you can freely transfer Airgead Coins to anyone throughout the world at no costs.

This makes Airgead Coin stand above anything that was done before. We know that to place a fee while storing and holding precious metals only leads to a diminishing value of precious metals every year and only adds costs to those who wish to purchase, sell and in time use precious metals as a medium of exchange.

By knowing the costs involved and keeping them simple, we can grow both the collectable market of precious metals and their use as value that will be used and trusted throughout the world.

We keep the costs clear so any person that wishes to purchase, sell or trade precious metals will be able to see a single cost. By knowing the cost involved and having everyone throughout the world sharing that single cost we will be able to free precious metals from the countless costs, restrictions and borders that up until now have only restrained precious metals from ever becoming a tradable asset, medium of exchange or as a use of real money.


To truly free precious metals everything has to change, only by decentralizing your precious metals can they truly become free.



To find out more information about this system please feel free to look over the entire site and give us a call or send us a message and we would be happy to help in any way we can.


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